The Meridian Energy White Hill Wind Farm

Quick Facts

  • The White Hill Wind Farm is the second wind farm Meridian have developed in New Zealand, and the first one to be developed in the South Island.
  • It is located 6km south east of Mossburn, and covers an area approximately 8km by 3km.
  • The wind at White Hill is considered to have very good speed and consistency making it the ideal wind farm site.
  • There are 29 wind turbines at White Hill.
  • Construction of the wind farm took 17 months, beginning in March 2006.
  • The White Hill Wind Farm was officially opened on 8th June 2007 by the then Prime Minister, Helen Clark.
  • White Hill wind farm generates enough electricity for 30,000 average-sized homes.

Did You Know?

  • Three of the White Hill Turbines have time capsules planted in their bases from the local schools they overlook – Mossburn Primary School’s is in turbine 25, Lumsden Primary School’s is in turbine 47, and Dipton Primary School’s is in turbine 55.
  • When the wind speed doubles, the power available for generation increases eight times.
  • Including the blades, each turbine is 107 metres tall.

For more information on Meridian Energy visit their web site.